Tuesday, April 27, 2010


MABLE is another from the series which I will post all. She is 12"X12" oil on board and selling in ebay. You can use my name, Joy Campbell to find it.

Farris and Friend

 FARRIS AND FRIEND is one in a set of 12 pieces done with a calendar in mind. It turns out there are only really 2 companies who do art calendars and they were not interested. Probably because they don't take risk on art that is not mainstream. This piece is 12"X12" oil on board and even though the edges don't look even they are. It's almost impossible for a not pro photographer to get them straight. Selling on ebay  SOLD

Piggy Pile

Piggy Pile, 6"X6" oil on board
One of my favorite pig paintings and sold to a nice lady in Germany. I paint pigs probably no more than once a month. I love painting them and used to be known by some people as the "pig lady" SOLD